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Plaice Meniere with boiled potatoes 139:-
Fried Salmon with Hollandaise sauce and boiled potatoes 169:-
Arctic Red Char served the Corsica way    189:-
with crab sauce and boiled potatoes



(All children get for free; ice cream with toffee sauce or a chocolate sauce) 

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam
Spaghetti Bolognese with minced meat sauce
Hamburger plate with French fries

À LA CARTE 229:- 

Black and White 
 Fillet of Beef, fillet of pork with béarnaise and truffle sauce

Pepper Steak 
 Fillet of Beef with green pepper sauce and warm vegetables

Filé Napoleon 
 Fillet of Beef with grand Marnier sauce, crabs, vegetables and pomes chateaux

Cour de Filé Provencale 
 Fillet of beef and raw fried potatoes with garlic butter

Filé Corte 
 Fillet of Beef with French red wine sauce, warm vegetables and creme fraiche

Filé au Four 
  Fillet of Beef baked in oven with potatoes duchesse and béarnaise sauce

Filé a la Corsica 
 Fillet of Beef with Gordon Bleu sauce and warm vegetables

 Fillet of Beef with potatoes duchesse, béarnaise sauce and truffle sauce

Filé Cinto 
 fillet of pork with béarnaise sauce and asparagus

Beef a la Suédois 
 Beefsteak with fried onion and parsley butter

Grillspett Souvlaki 
 Fillet of Beef with tzatziki and vegetables

Optional potatoes 
 Fried potatoes, raw fried potatoes, potato gratin, French fries or boiled potatoes

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